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Aloft Liverpool

Formerly a Royal Insurance Company building, Aloft Liverpool was designed in 1849 by James Francis Doyle to accommodate the growing business. The copper plated dome on the roof is a defining feature of the building, and was once visible from many parts of the city. After becoming disused in the 1980s, a major refurbishment by […]

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Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College

Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College is part of a batch of 3 secondary schools originally based on the Edventure Concept, where classrooms are arranged around a large open atrium. SRL carried out extensive acoustic modelling of the atria and the sports hall, with the latter requiring acoustic enhancements to support the needs of blind football […]

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Cartwright Gardens London

The race for places at the UK’s universities shows no sign of stopping. Alongside the demand for places is the demand for quality student accommodation. The requirement for extra accommodation has lead to some major companies entering a market where assured rental yields combined with high occupancy rates, ensures this growing niche market is seen […]

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Offshore Installations

Ambient noise on offshore platforms often exceeds a specified minimum throughout the electrical workshop, store room, hydraulic workshop, subsea office and mechanical workshop, reaching its highest levels in the mud pit room. Factoring in the additional noise that would be generated by operating pumps, cranes and machinery and it is not a quiet place to […]

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G Live Auditorium

Creating new performance space comes with many issues as to who the space is suitable for. Previous thinking would design the space for only one purpose but by using modern design and innovative solutions the space can be made to work for a wide selection of organisations. Modern theatre design takes this into account to […]

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Industrial Case Study

It is an established fact that excessive noise causes damage to hearing. If the exposure is brief, the damage may be temporary. However in employment exposure can be repetitive and long term which can result in permanent hearing damage and deafness. In 1989 the Noise at Work Regulations were introduced. These regulations are now superseded […]

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