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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

HS2 works at Euston Station:


Our Technical Director assisted a residents’ group and various charitable organisations as part of their representations to the government in relation to potential noise and vibration impact of HS2’s construction.  The Environmental Statement for HS2 indicated that the demolition and construction works in and around Euston Station had the potential to prevent the charitable organisations from carrying out their normal operations, possibly for a period of many years.  The track works along the approach to the station was also likely to mean that some residents along the route would suffer significant loss of amenity.  We assessed the impact on each building to quantify the seriousness of the impacts and presented my findings as evidence to the Commons Select Committee which was drafting the HS2 Bill.  The outcome of our work was that HS2 Ltd were instructed to enter into Agreements with the residents’ group and each of the charitable organisations and give specific undertakings which would protect them from the impacts.

The outcome was that HS2 carried out a detailed survey and assessment of each building which culminated in significant noise insulation works.  These works meant the buildings were now far more resilient to external noise and would enable the occupants to continue to use the buildings with minimal adverse effects from the demolition and construction works going on around them.


Licencing Hearings:


Over the years, we have successfully represented many operators in the licenced trade enabling them to obtain and renew licences for new and existing premises.  our considerable experience in the leisure industry enables us to clearly demonstrate that the proposed sound insulation works to the buildings together with good management practices will allow the venue to trade without causing significant disturbance to the residents and businesses surrounding them.  We have acted as Expert Witness at numerous hearings for Public Entertainment and Liquor Licence applications, as well as at Public Inquiries.


We have also worked to prevent incompatible land uses from arising, for example where we acted as an expert witness to a Rule 6 party at a public inquiry concerning a planning enforcement notice issued by the London Borough of Redbridge on the St Georgio Hotel located in Cranbrook Road. The main issue focused on the impact of nightclub noise on guests staying at the neighbouring hotel and whether they would be able to achieve a restful night’s sleep. The inspector’s decision indicated that all rooms could not successfully be sound proofed, as argued by SRL, and that levels of noise from the nightclub would exceed the guidance of the World Health Organisation. The proximity of a hotel to the nightclub was therefore unacceptable and the planning system had to intervene to stop operating.”



Noise Induced Hearing Loss:


We have experience of writing Expert Witness reports for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims, working as both single-joint expert and unilaterally.  We can provide high-quality reports with clear conclusions.  We understand the importance of Court deadlines and are committed to delivering reports on time.  Our large team of knowledgeable consultants have experience of the types of noise typically cited as the reason for hearing impairment in these Claims.  This allows us to make reasoned judgements regarding the distribution of noise sources and percentage on-time / use of machinery.  We have access to a wide range of data and standards that can be used to calculate a Claimant’s daily noise exposure (LEPD) and Noise Imission Level (NIL).  If the premises where the Claimant worked still exist, consultants from one of our three offices in London, Suffolk or Manchester can attend to obtain on-site measurements.

We have attended the industry recognised Bond Solon course ‘Excellence in Report Writing’ and are familiar with both CPR 35 and the Coles, Lutman and Buffin ‘Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss for medicolegal purposes’.


To find out more about our Expert Witness services please contact Dave Clarke 01787 247595