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What Our Clients Say About Us:

I have worked with David Clarke on several occasions at SRL. I find Dave to be very helpful and knowledgeable in relation to sound insulation testing on sites, laboratory testing and he has a true understanding of both the theoretical and practical applications of his subject. At ICAN Acoustics we plan to maintain an ongoing business relationship with Dave   and the team at SRL.

Diarmuid Keaney M.Sc. in Applied Acoustics, Chair of the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland and MIOA, ICAN


The service you provided on this project was fantastic. The quality of the report was excellent, delivered in a timely manner and your communication throughout the process was very good.

Sefa Amesu – Development Manager – McCarthy & Stone

I have pleasure in providing a testimonial for the work that you have done on the C305 contract (eastern tunnel drives).
Dave Clarke and his team should be congratulated for the technical work they have undertaken to support the tunnelling process on this, the longest of the Crossrail tunnel sections. SRL has done an excellent piece of technically challenging and innovative work predicting noise and vibration from trains running on the Temporary Construction Railway and identifying those areas where it was necessary to install the enhanced track design (track type B). SRL collaborated closely with Crossrail as well as other contractors, together with their acoustic consultants, to develop a prediction methodology and then validate it through on-site measurement. To date DSJV has drilled nearly 20km of tunnels with minimal adverse comment from the residents along the route, including the Barbican Estate. The level of achievement, demonstrating compliance against Crossrail’s Environmental Minimum Requirements and parliamentary assurances on ground-borne noise and vibration, is a huge success considering that Crossrail is the largest construction project in Europe and given that the tunnels pass under densely occupied parts of London.
In particular, Dave Clarke’s inquisitorial, scientific and pragmatic approach led to good outcomes in terms of developing and validating the prediction models. He has also been willing to participate in knowledge share to the benefit of the acoustic profession and has given presentations to the Institute of Acoustics.

Colin Cobbing, Noise and Vibration Manager, Crossrail.

Dave, As we come to our last week of tunnelling, I write to thank you for your considerable contribution to our success. That success can be measured in the very small number of adverse comments received during tunnelling from residents and other parties along the route. Whilst the design of our temporary construction railway was essential in reducing the potential impact of ground-borne noise, your assessment and monitoring of ground-borne noise and vibration was essential in securing the support from our client, Crossrail and from key stakeholders such as the City of London and the Barbican Centre. The demands of the client’s acoustic advisers highlighted the technically challenging aspects of your studies and I commend you for your perseverance in addressing these demands and in working with other contractors and their acoustic consultants to achieve consensus. It is particularly pleasing to hear our client congratulate you and your team for the monitoring, predictions, validation of the predictions and assessments you have done to support the tunnelling of the Dragados Sisk Joint Venture for Crossrail.

Bruno Guillaume, Environmental Manager, Dragados Sisk JV.

We approached SRL because we had experience of working with them for many years across many sectors. They are experts in the field of acoustics and helped us gain consent for the work by preparing multiple Section 61 applications. They also worked with us to provide a successful noise and vibration monitoring solution to demonstrate compliance, for the duration of the Stockley Junction project. Having SRL on board meant that we could get on with our work knowing that any issues with noise and vibration were handled.

Elwen Tasker, Environmental Manager, Carillion

As lead planning consultant for the SECH project I worked closely with SRL to help resolve the notable noise-related issues we had with the planning application. Richard Budd’s technical input to the design, and his written and spoken evidence at a public meeting, showed that the potential noise reasons for planning refusal had been addressed. The project achieved planning consent as a result.

Samantha Marlow, Associate Director, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners.

SRL played a significant role in achieving planning permission for Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. It became clear early on through consultation, that the preferred site was likely to draw a formal planning objection from the nearby airport on the basis of noise, with the airport fearing future objections from the hospital of aircraft noise flying overhead (the site is on the flight path and close to the airport) and their future development plans. We therefore needed SRL to help the design team develop the design with a more innovative approach to ensure we could address any objections from the airport. At the same time we had to make sure that the building would be acceptable to the patients, staff and residents and therefore the Planning Authority (also addressing an adjoining dual carriage way). Their knowledgeable input to the feasibility studies and design processes enabled the necessary acoustic control to be incorporated and importantly, to demonstrate to the Planning Authority that appropriate noise levels could be achieved inside the building. This had become one of the key determining factors to the application as ultimately, significant formal and robust objections to our scheme on the ground of noise were received from the airport. SRL’s expert advice and credibility with the planning authority showed that appropriate noise mitigation was realistic and had been incorporated and we saw off their objection. Not only did we have to design the building to address the airport’s objections, we have also subsequently had to prove that what was constructed met the acoustic criteria set out, namely full HBN/HTM compliance. This has successfully been achieved.

Bob Heald, Partner, Gardiner & Theobald LLP.

Apart from your obvious track record in healthcare, awareness of clinical acoustical requirements, and your overall depth of technical expertise, we also selected SRL because we felt we could work with you, and also enjoy the experience of seeing you integrated into a highly effective design team and for that team to be made all the more effective by your valued contribution.

Adrian Sprague, Director of Design, Skanska

We have worked with SRL many times on various projects and find them friendly, practical and pragmatic. They work with us on value engineering and design issues at every stage of our projects. They demonstrate an in depth knowledge of their speciality and understand our needs fully. We would be happy to work with them again on new projects.

D.S.Ball, Hutton Construction

I was appointed BREEAM co-ordinator for Hallam Contracts. I feel that I must express my views with regard to the professional and amicable manner with which the BREEAM has been managed and led. As a BREEAM / Design Co-ordinator I have been involved on many projects and all too often the BREEAM assessor can be out of touch with the realistic needs of the main Contractor. Throughout the project Amy and her team have worked in a proactive and helpful manner in order to achieve the required BREEAM rating. I hope that we will be fortunate to use Amy and SRL on future projects.

Robert Jones ACIOB

We have worked with SRL Technical Services for over 20 years and in that time have found their work to be of a very high standard, with advice always readily available by phone or e-mail providing cost effective solutions. We continue to use SRL on a regular basis and suggest their involvement in our tendering activities throughout the regions of Shepherd, where a prompt, succinct response is required to ensure capture of critical issues. We would have no hesitation to recommend SRL as a consultant due to their breadth of experience and number of years service with Shepherds across a broad spectrum of work sectors.

Neil Bassett, Senior Architect, Shepherd Construction Ltd

I just wanted to express our thanks to you and your colleagues for making our experience at SRL a good one. Not only were the tests excellent, but your flexibility and willingness to accommodate our requirements was very much appreciated. I am sure the results we obtained will allow us to further promote our products in the construction industry, driving sales and allowing us to continue to develop new systems to meet ever changing market requirements.

Daniel Pointon, Product & Market Development Manager, Recticel Insulation (UK)

We booked 3 days worth of testing which we needed to be complete within approximately a one month timeframe. Our Acoustic Engineer George, spent the time to see me prior to the testing to discuss and advise on the test plan, he then put a lot of effort into re-arranging schedules so that we could have 3 consecutive days testing within our timeframe. Out of hours working was also offered if needed. The testing process was made as quick and efficient as possible, getting the results we needed, despite some inevitable hiccups and help was always on hand if and when required from both George and Jamie. The guys worked long hours and were a friendly and knowledgeable bunch; I would highly recommend them!

Mark Bishop, Design Engineer, Product Development, Everest Limited

Simon, I have been impressed with your input on the current schemes and look forward to working on future projects with yourself and SRL.

Liam Roberts, Design Manager, Morgan Sindall

 I have worked with SRL for five years as part of our professional team. Their input to our projects has been exceptionally useful and they have mitigated large risks for us. The acid test of any consultant is whether they save more than they charge in fees, in each and every case on the projects on which I have worked the answer is yes. I would not hesitate in recommending SRL.

Rhodri Evans, Senior Design Manager, Balfour Beatty

On the basis of the evidence provided by the local authority the conclusions reached are accepted for all sources and pollutants, and the report is an example of good practice. The report is well structured, detailed, and provides all the information specified in the Guidance. The report is thorough, comprehensive and follows the most recent template.

Emma Lugg, Design Manager, Willmott Dixon Construction Limited

Everything was perfect with the Air Quality Assessment. Our planning application was approved with no planning conditions attached to this relating to Air Quality – so thank you very much to you and your team for this.