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Air Quality Impact of Ashley Road East and West

Air Quality Impact of Ashley Road East and West


The Ashley Road East and Ashley Road West project at Tottenham Hale, North East London is a mixed-used residential-led development, and concern was raised over the air quality impact of the development. The proposal included the construction of approximately 273 residential dwellings, with 11 parking spaces and provision for retail office and leisure facilities.
The development is located within the boroughwide Haringey Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), and the location has a history of heavy traffic congestion, given its close proximity to Tottenham Hale Underground and Rail Station


At the time of this application, Tottenham Hale was and still is undergoing extensive regenerative work to provide housing and facilities. As such, dust and traffic movements related to adjacent construction sites would have a cumulative impact on air quality in the local area, along with the construction of the Ashley Road East and West developments.



SRL assessed the Construction Dust Impact Risk of each of the Ashley Road sites independently, and then performed a cumulative assessment to describe the construction phase and operational phase air quality impacts with both sites combined.  After identifying the level of risk, we produced a tailor-made dust management plan with strategies for mitigating dust emissions, and instructions on what to do in case of dust emission exceedances. This is critical for controlling the dust emissions from large construction sites and identifying the source of dust emissions, specifically if the emissions originate from the Ashley Road sites.





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