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Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College

Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College


Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College is part of a batch of 3 secondary schools originally based on the Edventure Concept, where classrooms are arranged around a large open atrium. SRL carried out extensive acoustic modelling of the atria and the sports hall, with the latter requiring acoustic enhancements to support the needs of blind football users.


The school received additional funding for enhancing its 6 court 1000m2 sports hall for use for blind football. Acoustic challenges within the main building included controlling reverberations in the large central atrium space, controlling noise levels in break out areas within the atrium and creating an environment also suitable for performances.


SRL used detailed acoustic modelling of the building to determine the specification and location of the required acoustic treatment that could be integrated into the building form.  We developed the brief and design targets for the sports hall, setting some very challenging requirements.  Through commissioning of the building, SRL provided full compliance with the project objectives.  The sports hall achieved a reverberation time of just 1.3 seconds. This still allows some low level acoustically reflective areas, which blind users need to locate the ball with the bell inside it.