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Brandon Yard, Bristol, Residential Development

Brandon Yard, Bristol, Residential Development


The Brandon Yard, Bristol development proposals plan to regenerate the current site into a thriving residential development in the heart of Bristol. Due to the location of the site in Bristol’s Air Quality Management Area, SRL were appointed to assess both the pollution levels within the Site and the impact of the development on local air quality.



The site is located close to a number of busy roads and a roundabout; exhaust emissions from vehicles on the local road network have the potential to lead to unsuitable air quality within the development site. The large number of sensitive residential properties close to the site meant that development generated traffic has the potential to impact on air quality for local residents. To achieve planning permission, the client needed to provide Bristol City Council with evidence demonstrating the development would not significantly worsen Bristol’s air quality or expose future residents to harmful levels of air pollution.


SRL’s experienced air quality team set up a detailed atmospheric dispersion model to fully investigate both the impact of the development on local air quality, and the pollution levels across the site. Careful consideration was given to modelling the nearby roundabout, the bus lanes running past the site and the presence of ‘street canyons’, which can trap pollutants.

SRL provided a comprehensive, robust assessment to support the planning application, clearly defining the results of the assessment. The detailed modelling enabled SRL to confidently illustrate that there were no air quality constraints associated with the development and the planning application was submitted in Q4 2016.



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