Monitoring case study

Aire Park, Leeds


Aire Park is a major new development in Leeds city centre that will host residential, office, retail, leisure and public outdoor spaces. Once completed it is expected to produce 1,400 homes (1,2,3 and 4 bedroom dwellings) as well as over 1,000,000 sq ft of mixed-use space.

Our client has been appointed to conduct remediation works on the brownfield site before construction can take place; Including demolition as well as separating material in the ground and levelling the areas.


The planned work could create a negative environmental impact on the local area where they are breaking the ground and using heaving machinery. The concern to the local area, general public and site staff is noise, vibration and dust pollution.


Our client worked with our monitoring department to agree a suitable monitoring regime, considering the number of systems and location on site. One of our environmental monitoring experts visited site to ensure we had a complete picture of all factors to include in our recommendations. Our noise, vibration and dust monitors were accessed by the project team using an online web portal; where live and historic data can be viewed. All systems were set up to send live alerting in the instance of a threshold breach and this allowing the project team to halt any works and investigate the cause.