Acoustics case study

Cartwright Gardens, London


The race for places at the UK’s universities shows no sign of stopping. Alongside the demand for places is the demand for quality student accommodation. The requirement for extra accommodation has lead to some major companies entering a market where assured rental yields combined with high occupancy rates, ensuring this growing niche market is seen as a good investment.


Universities looking to attract new students, in a competitive market place, have to offer a well designed course structure as well as providing quality accommodation and living space. Most UK universities have been investing in their accommodation stock which has provided the opportunity for construction and design companies to create innovative spaces.


SRL are currently working on a 1,200 bedroom accommodation block in London which is being constructed on an existing site following demolition. The new design includes keeping the existing building slab and sub structure. This presented us with a design problem as the site overlays part of the London Underground network. The new design took account of the noise and vibration issues to create living spaces that conform to Building Regulations. Because of the size of the development the design of the building had to be carefully considered to protect the local residents. In addition the acoustic performance of the building envelope is critical in meeting the planning conditions. The development will also take account of current BREEAM criteria.