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Clean Air Day 2021

Clean Air Day 2021

SRL are proud to support Clean Air Day 2021.

As an environmental consultancy, we know all about the effects of air pollution. We aim to provide services that protect the public by working with contractors to supply air quality monitors that measure particulates down to PM2.5 .  PM2.5  means the mass per cubic metre of air of particles with a size (diameter) generally less than 2.5 micrometres (µm). PM2.5 is also known as fine particulate matter  (2.5 micrometres is one 400th of a millimetre).  “The biggest impact of particulate air pollution on public health is understood to be from long-term exposure to PM2.5, which increases the age-specific mortality risk, particularly from cardiovascular causes” -DEFRA Public Health: Sources and Effects of PM2.5.

Our air quality consultants also work with Local Authorities to support the development of their Local Air Quality Management Plans(LAQM).

As a company we have recently installed 118 pv panels on our office roof and have started providing electric cars for our staff.