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Former Yorkshire Post site, Leeds

Former Yorkshire Post site, Leeds


Development of a mixed use multi-storey tower block and hotel at the former Yorkshire Post site in Leeds. The scheme contains a gym, retail space, residential units and a separate hotel. The development is ideally located in central Leeds and will provide a mixture of one, two and three-bed flats that extended up 22 stories.


SRL were commissioned to support a planning application for the development. This involved providing acoustic solutions to achieve appropriate internal noise levels within the dwellings, and measures to reduce the impact of noise from the development on existing nearby noise sensitive receptors. We also had to provide input into the design of the separating floor construction between the ground floor retail and gym spaces and the first floor residential flats in terms of sound insulation. The development is located next to a busy road intersection and as such, external noise levels were high, making the need for good acoustic facade design very important.


We measured noise levels around the site and at nearby noise-sensitive receptors. We used this information to build a 3D noise model that predicted the external noise level at each storey of the building. We provided practical acoustic specifications for the glazing and external wall constructions to achieve the local authority internal noise criteria and British Standard ‘BS 8233: 2014 Guidance of sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings’. Our assessment showed that the criteria could be met with a natural ventilation strategy.

We also reviewed the proposed floor design, provided advice for the required acoustic enhancements and set noise limits in the ground floor commercial spaces so that appropriate noise levels will be achieved in the first-floor residential spaces immediately above. To control the impact of noise from the development on nearby noise sensitive receptors we set noise limits for building services plant associated with the new development. These limits were based on our measured background noise levels and will ensure that noise from the development does not have an adverse effect on the local environment



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