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G Live Auditorium

G Live Auditorium


Creating a new performance space comes with many issues to allow maximum flexibility for all users. Previous thinking would be to design the space for only one purpose but by using modern design and innovative solutions the space can be made to work for a wide selection of organisations. Modern theatre design takes this into account to provide a community wide facility.


The redevelopment of the old Civic Centre by Willmott Dixon Construction with design by Austin-Smith: Lord to create the new G Live offered the chance for inspirational architecture that was radical, yet fitted comfortably within the landscaped surroundings.


The Auditorium at G Live has been designed to be a multi use space, allowing flexibility for the type of performances and events that can be accommodated. An Electroacoustic Enhancement System (EES) has been fitted to allow the acoustic environment of the space to be artificially changed to suit specific performances.

SRL worked to provide a full acoustic strategy to reflect the flexibility needed for the venue. The main challenge came from the need to provide an acoustically dead environment that allowed the EES to work effectively. SRL also designed the building envelope to control music noise breakout to nearby local residential properties.

Recently voted as one of the top five symphony orchestras in the world, the London Symphony Orchestra were so impressed by the G Live acoustics that they’ve asked to return.