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Gillette Corner, London

Gillette Corner, London


The proposed development was for the construction of a mixed-use scheme made up of serviced office space and self-storage, on a former petrol filling station located in West London. This location is urban, and the development is situated on the corner of a main commuting route; the A4 Great West Road, and Syon Lane, both of which are known to suffer daily from heavy traffic congestion. The homes of local residents are located adjacent to the site boundaries, along with retail and offices nearby. The area, like within most London boroughs, had been declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). As such, traffic associated with the construction and operational phases of the development has the potential to negatively impact the air quality in an area that is already known to be affected by poor air quality. The London Borough of Hounslow require evidence that the construction and operation of the new development would not have a significant impact on air quality and that the development could achieve Air Quality Neutral standards.


A model was created to perform a detailed assessment and predict the conditions likely to be encountered with the construction and operation of the development. Taken into consideration were the effects of traffic queues.


In completing the assessment, we demonstrated that the proposed development met Air Quality Neutral Standards and would not have a significant impact on the air quality in the local area.




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