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Godalming station upgrade for Network Rail

Godalming station upgrade for Network Rail


Godalming Station is a Heritage Listed Building built in 1859 where the platforms were originally only connected by an aging subway. As part of ongoing Network Rail upgrade works, Godalming station was scheduled for a £3.1million renovation that included the construction of a new fully enclosed footbridge, two 16 person lifts, larger bicycle shelters, new platforms and extended canopies. The new works were part funded by the governments Access for All programme. Osborne were appointed as the main contractor for the works.



The main challenge that we faced was the fact that the work could only take place during “Possession Periods” which were over weekends and at night. During these naturally quiet periods we had to be aware of any noisy works that might disturb the neighbours.

The major structural work was around the removal of the subway and the building of the new bridge which all had to be done with as little disruption to passengers and the railway service as possible.


To protect both Osborne and the local residents from noise complaints SRL installed two noise monitors, one at the nearest residential dwelling and one at the nearby care home. The monitors were connected to an online web interface that the contractor could view in real-time. In conjunction with the monitoring we also set agreed trigger levels for noise that if exceeded prompted a text and email alert to the contractor who could then review what operations were occurring and make adjustments accordingly.

We also provided Osborne with acoustic consultancy advice on Best Practical Means (BPM) to minimise noise from their activities.

The summary report that we produced at the end of the works showed that the whole project had been completed without a single complaint from any of the local residents.

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