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How practical is an electric car for site visits.

How practical is an electric car for site visits.

For those of you considering joining the electric car scheme and wondering how practical it is for days out on site etc, I thought I’d tell you all how I got on in London last week for work (seeing as it’s the first time I’ve been out on site with my car due to the lockdown etc!)

I had to drive over to Olympia in Kensington on Thursday last week.  I set off from home with a fully charged car and arrived close to site with around 55-60% charge remaining.

Using the Parkopedia webpage (amazing site for finding parking options, and you can ask it to only show you spaces with EV charging) I had already chosen a charging/parking location close to the site.  Road side EV charging cost me £9 for ~2hrs (and added around 20% of my charge back on) – compared to £12-18 for parking in the same location!  If you are charging your car parking is free in many locations (as you pay for electricity instead at a lower cost), plus you get to drive away with enough juice to comfortably get back home – win / win.

I was also lucky on Thursday to be able to tag on a volunteering job with work.

In Woodbridge we have a “pay as you feel” food supply organisation who aim to reduce food waste and provide food to those who need it.  They do this by taking surplus and unwanted foods (think wonky carrots and near best by tins) and packing them up in boxes for people to buy.  All they ask is pay what you can afford – if you can afford £10, great, if you can afford £1 that’s fine too, and if you need the food for free then you can have it.  Those who can pay, pay for those who can’t – plus we all save the environment a little bit at a time.

Well they were looking for someone to collect some recycled boxes from Acton in London and bring them back to Woodbridge.  It was a very happy coincidence that I was working 2 miles down the road from the boxes and so after my Olympia visit I drove over to Acton and packed 170 boxes into the back of my car (all the seats down!), before driving them to the teapot project (which is near our house). So it was also really nice to a) make a journey into London doubly beneficial and b) do it in a low emission and carbon neutral way!