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Independent acoustic consultancy services for your laboratory testing.

Independent acoustic consultancy services for your laboratory testing.

SRL can provide independent acoustic consultancy services for your laboratory testing.

In addition to providing our clients with UKAS accredited laboratory testing, did you know SRL can also provide you with expert acoustic consultancy support?

Having acoustic consultancy support before and during your testing can save you money.  By careful selection of products for test and pre-test design support, we can reduce the time you spend in the laboratory.

Our in-house team of expert acousticians can help you get the most out of your testing visit.  Services we can provide include:


  • Reviewing acoustic criteria – helping you understand what you need to demonstrate compliance with.
  • Product development – guiding you on the design of your products or systems and helping you achieve the acoustic performance you need.
  • Planning test visits to get the most out of your time in the laboratory – we will look at your product/system ranges and identify which ones you will get the most information from by testing. We will help you avoid unnecessary or repetitive tests.
  • Reviewing previous test data from other tests visits or other laboratories.

During testing

  • Our team of consultants are based in Holbrook in the same building as our laboratory. This means we can be on hand during testing to provide test analysis, support with unexpected results or live calculations for implementation into the design.
  • Because we are located so locally to the laboratory, our costs for this service are significantly reduced to any of our competitors.
  • Located in the same building as the laboratory, our consultancy team is fully independent of the laboratory so we will act in the same way any other external consultant would.


  • We can analyse test data for you and put it into a format that is more easily understandable and digestible.
  • We can use the laboratory test data to prepare text, tables and graphs for inclusion in your sales materials. We will present data in a format suitable for presentation to your client or other interested parties.


Other ways we can support you:

  • We can build bespoke spreadsheets for you and your business to use, that you can populate with data collected in our laboratory. These can enable you to do high-level calculations for your clients when detailed acoustic consultancy support isn’t needed.
  • We can prepare training courses for you and your team to better explain the acoustic principals specific to your products. These can be tailored to any length from an hour to multiple days.



Many of our clients already take advantage of our consultancy support service with tremendous results.

We’re proud to have helped many of our clients develop compliant systems, and make the laboratory testing a “box-ticking exercise”.  We’re also pleased to help our clients reduce the number of tests they do by reviewing product ranges and previous test data to avoid repeats of similar/same systems.


“Thank you for the expert input to our project. It’s fair to say that your guidance and advice certainly advanced our project significantly and has helped us adjust our course towards the final panel specification.

And, thank you for the support towards the testing and for all the help provided on the day. The input and assistance we received was excellent and in stark contrast to the experience we had at the previous test centre we used.” – Space Division Systems


“The staff were friendly and helpful with great communication. Special thanks to the guys who helped install the test units as well as the consultancy support team who were outstanding” – Smiths EP


For more information about how we can help please contact George  or call him on 01787 247595