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International Women In Engineering Day 2021

International Women In Engineering Day 2021

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2021, we’re going to introduce you to some of SRL’s female engineers and let them give you an insight into their roles within the company.


Hi, I’m Heulwen. I’m a Principal Acoustic Consultant with SRL and I work on a vast range of projects providing acoustic design and consultancy support to the construction industry.  I will advise my clients on pretty much anything that makes noise or generates vibration!  Like many other acousticians, I manage a number of projects at a time across multiple sectors.  At the moment I’m supporting design teams on university buildings, hospitals, residential developments, hotels, planning masterplans and a new public realm and retail development.  My favourite part of the job is design team meetings, getting into the fine detail of a project and really understanding the acoustic design of the building.  In 2019, with colleagues including Jenny Wilkin, I was one of the winners of the John Connell STEM award.  We produced a video explaining a common acoustic design principal.  You can watch that video here for an insight into what being an acoustic consultant is all about.




Hello, I’m Lauren. I’m a Senior Environmental Consultant with SRL and like Heulwen I also work on a variety of projects including schools, hospitals, new office developments and leisure and shopping centres. My main role is a BREEAM Assessor, therefore I help my clients to achieve their required BREEAM rating primarily to discharge a planning condition. However, many of my clients also work towards BREEAM to show their environmental awareness. I also assist within our Air Quality department and am currently working towards an MSc in Environmental Modelling at UCL and PIEMA membership. My favourite part of the job will always be achieving BREEAM certification because of the sense of achievement; some large projects can take up to 3-4 years to get their final certificate!





My name is Kate and I’m also a Senior Environmental Consultant with SRL. My background is in environmental management but I primarily work with design teams to help them complete BREEAM assessments. Most recently, I have been working on assessments for assisted living accommodation, shopping centres and new office developments. I also work with companies to help them monitor and report on their energy use and carbon footprint. My favourite part of the job is working with numbers and data to produce reports for clients which help them to better understand their energy and carbon use.