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Kirk Balk Community College, Barnsley

Kirk Balk Community College, Barnsley


For new schools we have provided a full acoustic design and the supporting testing and commissioning. We have also worked on BREEAM credits for many developments.

The range of services that we offer within the full design package includes:

  • Noise break-in to teaching spaces
  • Control of sound between teaching spaces (airborne and impact sound insulation)
  • Reverberation design for teaching spaces
  • Rain noise consideration
  • Control of noise and vibration from building services
  • Acoustic modelling of open plan and complex spaces
  • Design of music and drama facilities (including performance theatres)
  • Innovative design concepts
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Speech reinforcement and PA
  • Planning issues & environmental noise

The successful application of all of these services is critical in providing a full functioning space for learning that conforms to Building Regulations.

SRL has received a RIBA award, for their work as acoustic consultants, as part of the team that recently completed Kirk Balk Community College in Barnsley.


Kirk Balk Community College in Barnsley

SRL worked with the main contractors, Laing O’Rouke, and the architects, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, to deliver an acoustic design that fitted in with “a complex set of requirements, to create an educational environment that was both welcoming and inspiring”.


The main challenges in the acoustic design came from the large open spaces that were critical for creating the desired environment. Finding where to place absorption in the triangular atrium was a particular challenge along with the design of the ribbon windows.