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Megaloughton Lane, Derby

Megaloughton Lane, Derby


This project was for the construction of a proposed warehouse and distribution facility to the south of the A52 roundabout in Spondon. The proposed development is very near to this roundabout, with the roundabout being part of a complex road system including the A52 and A6005 as well as their accompanying slip roads. With a large number of sensitive residential and commercial receptors near to the site, the development-generated traffic has the potential to negatively impact the local air quality for residents and businesses. For the client to achieve planning permission, the Derby City Council (DCC) required evidence that the development would not significantly worsen the air quality in the local area. DCC required that particular attention was paid to how pollutant levels were affected by development-generated traffic on the A52 roundabout. Although the site is not within an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) itself, there is an AQMA immediately east of the A52 roundabout; therefore, the impact of the development-generated traffic was also assessed within this AQMA.


With such a complex road system, the model was carefully created to include how emissions are affected by traffic queues, sloped slip roads, point sources, car parks and the A52 which is situated approximately 7m above the ground from the roundabout. As well as this, using a peak-hour traffic turn count for the A52 roundabout, an intricate atmospheric dispersion model was created that accurately modelled the air quality affect of how the development-generated traffic joined and exited the roundabout.


We completed a robust assessment to support the planning application which clearly illustrated the results of the assessment. The detailed modelling showed that the operational development-generated traffic would have no significant impact on local air quality, both at the roundabout and within the AQMA to the east of the roundabout.




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