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National Clean Air Day

National Clean Air Day

Thursday 15th June 2017 was National Clean Air Day which aimed to raise awareness of pollution in the UK, the risks associated with it and how we can reduce pollution and our exposure to it.

  • Air pollution is harmful to your health. It is linked to increases in cancer, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disease and even Type II diabetes and dementia.
  • Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy can affect unborn babies. Research has linked air pollution to low birth weights and premature births.
  • It is estimated that the UK economy loses more than £20 billion annually due to staff calling in sick with pollution-related illnesses.
  • Opting to walk or cycle to work instead of using your car can save you money, as well as reducing your contribution to pollution levels. If you take a route away from busy roads, you will also reduce your exposure to air pollution.
  • Raise awareness! Helping people understand the dangers of air pollution and how they can protect themselves and reduce pollution will help improve air quality for everyone.

See how you can improve your air quality when:

You are at home

At work

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