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New East laboratory sound insulation test suites

New East laboratory sound insulation test suites

SRL’s new (East Laboratory) Sound Insulation Test Suites.


The new facility increases our capacity for sound insulation testing and also reduces our lead times for bookings.

The spacious area gives plenty of room to prepare samples for testing and there is a private client office/conference room with an observation window overlooking the test suites.

The facility comprises of five test rooms, arranged with three at ground level and two at first floor level either end.

The ground floor middle room is a source room which has a large sample test aperture to one side (walls, partitions, curtain walling, cladding systems, large windows/doors etc.) and a small sample test aperture to the other (doors, windows, panels etc.).  Access to the ground floor middle room is via a large wide opening door allowing easy access to the test apertures.  The ground floor rooms at either end are the receiving rooms for these two test apertures.

The two end rooms are also receiving rooms for the two horizontal test apertures, one of which is an open aperture for testing floor and roof systems and the other has a 140mm thick concrete floor permanently installed which is used for impact improvement testing by floor coverings on concrete floors.  The concrete floor can also be built onto, as well as ceilings added below for airborne and impact sound insulation testing.

To find out how we can test your products contact George 01787247595 and for more details about aperture sizes etc. please complete the form below and we will send you the information.