SRL started work on the Brighton 3Ts project in 2009 and supported the design development from the early stages. We remained part of the design team through various cost reviews and business case submissions until the eventual approval was obtained for design completion and start on site. Working with an experience and educated team, SRL’s brief included a regular site presence and construction design support service, and successful, acoustic commissioning tests to enable handover.  The project included a trauma helipad on the roof of an existing building; the noise and vibration impact on the sensitive patients within the buildings was a complex and challenging piece of acoustic consultancy as it had never been assessed before. Although the design team companies have remained consistent, our healthcare lead Richard Budd is one of the only design team personnel to have been involved since the 2009 start. Many years of hard work prior to that by the wider team make this a particularly satisfying project to see finished and open. We wish the staff at The Louisa Martindale Building at the Royal Sussex County Hospital the best of luck in providing the next generation of healthcare to the people of Brighton and the surrounding areas. And in case you’re wondering about the project name of 3Ts, it stands for Trauma, Teaching, and Tertiary Care.