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Rain Noise Test Facility

Rain Noise Test Facility

Our rain noise test facility carries out tests to understand the noise level rain produces when it lands on a particular roof construction. This is often required in buildings where the occupiers need low internal noise levels to study and concentrate or use video conferencing.

Achieving a particular rain noise specification is particularly important in schools and hospitals where the roof must achieve rain noise criteria set out in BB93 Acoustic design of schools: performance standards and Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics. Where previous guidance only required designers to consider rain noise in their roof designs, they must now demonstrate the roof and ceiling can achieve specific rain noise criteria within the rooms of the school or hospital.

The way rain noise moves through the different layers of the roof construction is extremely complex. By measuring the rain noise in our rain rig, we are able to quantify this quickly and accurately, which avoids costly and time consuming to predictions. This accuracy is crucial to keep projects within budget: Roof systems can easily be over-designed when there is inaccurate or missing rain noise data which can lead to unnecessary upgrades to improve the rain noise performance.

SRL’s rain noise test facility is UKAS accredited for testing the sound generated by rainfall onto building elements, including roof and skylight systems, fully in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-18:2006.


The test consists of water droplets falling from a reservoir at a regulated rate to simulate rainfall onto the sample
and noise levels measured inside the rig as per the standard requirements.


The rig has undergone a recent re-build incorporating a permanent working platform on all for sides enabling
improved access to aid sample installations.


Samples are fixed to three metal purlins which run the width of the rig, spaced at 1400mm centres. The rig has
good access and samples can either be built/fitted on-site or pre-assembled and lowered into place. There is a
false ceiling grid installed giving the option of testing systems with a ceiling if required.








To see how we test for rain noise follow the link.

For further details on rain noise testing or to book a test please email George or call 01787 247595