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Air Quality Services provided

Air Quality Services provided

Identification of air quality constraints to development / due diligence

Assessment of impacts of new developments; dispersion modelling

Preparation of technical reports and specialist input for environmental statements

Assessments to accompany Environmental Permit applications, and variations.

Odour and dust nuisance assessments

Odour Management Plans

Negotiations with Local Authorities

Air quality monitoring, including data management and ratification

(Expert witness for Public Inquiries)

Peer Review

Full range of LAQM Support


Impact Assessments

Air quality can be a material consideration in planning decisions. Whether you are required to prepare a formal Environmental Impact Assessment, or a stand-alone air quality assessment, SRL can assist. We have experience of a wide range of development projects, including residential, mixed-use, industrial, and road schemes.

SRL can provide modelling and monitoring to support assessments; we have extensive experience of screening and detailed dispersion models appropriate for road, industrial and odour assessments, including DMRB, ADMS Roads and ADMS 5, amongst others. Air quality monitoring can be arranged to support assessments, as well as data management and ratification.

The requirement to comply with the nitrogen dioxide EU Limit Value of 40 mg/m3 (as an annual mean) and the guidance that development should be ‘air quality neutral’ will mean that increasingly projects will be asked to demonstrate no deterioration in local air quality. This will sharpen the focus on mitigation measures and we can advise on the most cost effective strategy to adopt.

Dust and Odour Impacts

Construction projects, waste handling (including Anaerobic Digestion) and mineral extraction all have the potential for adverse dust and / or odour impacts. Cost effective monitoring, modelling and mitigation strategies can be developed to deal with these issues. SRL can assist in the preparation of Dust and Odour Management Plans.


Identification of emissions limits, appropriate stack heights and the modelling of impacts are all important aspects of planning applications, EIAs and Environmental Permit applications. We integrate these requirements into the design of the project to deliver significant, up front, cost benefits.


Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)

SRL is able to deliver the complete range of assessments required as part of the LAQM process, including Progress Reports, Updating and Screening Assessments and Detailed Assessments. Our staff have been involved in the appraisal of Review and Assessment reports on behalf of the GLA, Defra and the DAs, as well as the appraisal of Defra Grant Applications.

Support for Local Authorities

SRL have extensive experience of the LAQM process, and of the preparation of air quality assessments for a variety of purposes. We can assist local authorities by providing LAQM support, support with the appraisal of air quality assessments accompanying planning applications, and support with monitoring.


For more information please contact Ryan Thorpe or give him a call on 01787 247595