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Why use SRL as your BREEAM Assessor and Advisory Professional?

Our sustainable focus

During the current climate and sustainability crisis, it is important that BREEAM is not treated as a “box ticking” exercise. Although it may be tempting to see this as “just another planning condition to discharge”, BREEAM can help you to design and construct a building which performs well whilst limiting its impact on the environment.

Our BREEAM sustainability map below shows that ‘Management’ is the overarching aspect which is integral to every project. The other parts of BREEAM encourage the sustainable use and protection of the world’s resources and living things.

A school for example, may prioritise the building users (i.e., people) and energy use. Therefore, we suggest the school should concentrate on BREEAM credits relating to Health and Wellbeing, Transport, Pollution and Energy.

Every client has their own sustainability goals. Our BREEAM team will help you to identify the credits most relevant to those goals through their helpful approach.


To learn more about our involvement in BREEAM, see our Case Studies page. If  you have any questions about the BREEAM process or wish to speak to a member of our BREEAM team, please get in touch with Lauren, Kate, or Dave. or call  01787 247595 or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.