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We like to dispel the popular myth that acoustics is a “Black Art” so we’ve developed a range of training courses to help you understand the fundamentals which are relevant to you.  Whether you are an architect who would benefit from a better appreciation of room acoustics and sound insulation, or a supplier who wants your sales team to be able to promote the acoustic benefits of your products, there will be something of value in one of our training courses.

If you would like us to provide a training course for your company please Contact us to discuss this further or arrange a workshop at your office or another suitable location.


Achieving BREEAM credits can be a painful and laborious business.  By enrolling on one of our half day workshops, you and/or your design team can gain a better understanding of how to effectively and efficiently select the best credits for your scheme, and also how you can easily achieve them.

Or it might be that your project needs to meet some of the key credits (for example, to satisfy the local authority) and you want to know how to do this without signing up for the full BREEAM assessment.

Contact us to discuss this further or arrange a workshop at your office or another suitable location.



SRL provides a range of air quality consultancy services, from dispersion modelling to odour sniff testing. If you would like to know more about the impacts of air quality issues, the assessment processes, and how to mitigate against issues effectively and efficiently, our CPD sessions are for you.

For more information please contact Ryan Thorpe or call him on 01787 247595.



We’ve also put together SRL supportive publications. These books aim to provide you with a deeper insight into areas of building acoustics and vibration:

For more information about our training, supportive publications and to book a course contact Nicola Manning or call her on 01787 247595 or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.

Training Video’s

  1. Understanding  structure borne noise

SRL win the John Connell STEM Award 2019.

John Connell STEM Award sponsored by the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and ANV Measurement Systems. As part of The ANC’s #ExploreAcoustics Initiative, this award recognises short video communications aimed at non-technical audiences, inspiring young people to consider acoustics as a STEM career and encouraging the acoustics community to get more involved in delivering STEM activities.

The video called ‘Understanding  structure borne noise’ used simple props and Lego people to highlight how people in the community could be annoyed by irritating noises and how these disturbances may be addressed, showing that bigger mechanical noise problems in the real world can be mitigated in a similar way


STEM 2021 – Exploring Tranquility

SRL present their entry for the John Connell STEM Award 2021. The video explores the concept of tranquility and soundscapes, and the relationship (or lack thereof!) between measured noise levels and how tranquil or engaging a place can feel.