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Science Day at Thomas Gainsborough School

Science Day at Thomas Gainsborough School

SRL was delighted to once again be part of the Thomas Gainsborough School Science Day.

Members of staff were on hand to explain how acoustics form part of our everyday lives.

Sam and Louis at TGS Science Day

The event was held at Thomas Gainsborough School (one of the local secondary schools) for all pupils in Year 4 at local primary schools to attend.  We were one of about six local businesses who went along.  We had a lot of practical examples to show the children who were very engaged.  Although, without fail, the part they all enjoyed the most was shouting as loud as they could into the sound level meter.  The loudest primary school managed to get up to 133dB but the Head of Science won the day by shouting ‘STOP’ into the meter and reaching 136dB!