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We believe in a clear, pragmatic and practical way of finding acoustic solutions and as a result, our team is widely recognised as the leading healthcare acoustic authority in the UK. As such, we were appointed lead authors of the Department of Health’s acoustic design guide (HTM08-01), and as such are best placed to support and advise on its implementation.

We work hard to make sure acoustic performance is integrated into a project from the start. Our team advise on what might impact the acoustics, giving clients the knowledge they need to make key project decisions.

Having worked on over 20 major PFI hospital projects, as well as many LIFT and ProCure21 community hospitals and clinics, we understand the importance of clinical functionality. Our knowledge of, and sensitivity to, all the contributing factors on a project means we can achieve appropriate acoustics in balance with any overall requirements.

We provide clear acoustic strategy documents that have been tailored to the project and explain each aspect of our solution. Whether we are working on a site that is driven by the width of the partitions, or needs to achieve BREEAM credits, our team will deliver the highest quality result within the pre-agreed budget.

Large healthcare developments will often require planning support. Our highly experienced team are able to provide pre-application support as well as impact assessments, advice on mitigation and assistance with discharging planning conditions. Air quality for hospital patients is particularly important due to their sensitivity. Our air quality team can provide constraints advice and recommendations for mitigation where there is a risk  that patients will be exposed to unacceptable air quality. Where on-site energy plant and incinerators are proposed we can provide advice on flue design in order to reduce the risk of impacts both within the site itself and in surrounding areas.

“Apart from your obvious track record in healthcare, awareness of clinical acoustical requirements, and your overall depth of technical expertise, we also selected SRL because we felt we could work with you, and also enjoy the experience of seeing you integrated into a highly effective design team and for that team to be made all the more effective by your valued contribution” Adrian Sprague, Director of Design, Skanska.

To learn more about our involvement in the healthcare industry, see our Case Studies page. If you would like further information please contact Richard Budd  (01787 247595) or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.