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Hotels should provide comfortable and restful residential spaces. They often offer a range of other facilities that might include conference rooms, health and fitness suites, quiet restaurants and bars with evening entertainment. They are often located near busy roads or airports, adding to the importance of quality design solutions for acoustics and air quality.

Addressing these requirements from a design point of view presents a number of specific challenges that our team are well-versed in overcoming. We are able to look at the bigger picture when it comes to a hotel project, and use our extensive experience working on stand-alone and mixed-use hotel projects to inform the best course of action to take.

Our friendly and professional team provide creative, cost-effective solutions for Part B (Fire), Part E (Acoustics) and Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power), ensuring all hotels we work with comply with the required Building Regulations in addition to the hotel operator’s own specifications. These solutions can also consider the need to provide hotel guests with the appropriate level of air quality.

To learn more about our involvement with the hotel industry, see our Case Studies page. If you would like further information please contact Chris Wright (01787 247595) or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.