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The industrial sector has the joint problem of protecting both the workforce and surrounding neighbours from the various sources of noise and vibration. We have the in-depth experience needed to provide meaningful acoustic solutions and work on complex projects including Noise at Work, managing environmental noise issues, as well as the overall acoustic design. We are also able to measure and assess hand arm and whole body vibration.

Our experienced team is made up of engineers who have specialised in industrial noise control for many years. We can identify and predict noise sources and propose the best possible engineering solution that will allow other work to continue with minimum disruption. By supporting our clients with the condition monitoring of their industrial machinery we also help save them money by investigating faults as they develop, rather than when equipment fails.

To learn more about our involvement in the industrial sector, see our Case Studies page. If you would like further information please contact Chris Wright or call him on 01787 247595 or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.