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Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste Management is becoming an increasingly important issue when it comes to protecting our environment. With landfills being used less and less, solutions to deal with these problems are undoubtedly affecting our own business and that of our clients.

We make sure we are up to date with these developments and the ways to manage waste.
We can advise our clients on the following solutions:

  • Planning applications EIA and public enquiries
  • Prediction of noise and noise contours
  • Control of noise from waste handling, vehicle movements, incineration and all aspects of power generation
  • Building and air handling design to mitigate noise
  • Continuing compliance with planning requirements

To learn more about our involvement in the waste management industry, see our Case Studies page. If you would like further information please contact Tris Edwards or call him on 01619 295558 or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.