Lab & Site Testing

Design based on test data will always achieve the best results – and that’s why we offer a wide range of acoustic testing at our independently accredited laboratories, as well as on-site testing to support live projects.

Acoustic testing

In our unique facility, highly trained and experienced engineers perform a broad spectrum of acoustic testing.

The layout of our permanent test facility is flexible, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of products and test set-ups. Samples can be installed and tested quickly and efficiently, which gives our clients the opportunity to do several tests in a day.

Sound insulation

We can measure the airborne and impact (floors) sound insulation of all types of building constructions including walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, curtain walling, doors and windows, to BS EN ISO 10140:2021. Our transmission suites are designed for easy access and installation of samples whether you are testing walls and windows at ground floor level or floors and roofs at first floor level.

Our East and West laboratory facilities provide a range of spaces with different apertures to be set up as walls, partitions, curtain walling, cladding, windows and doors.

There are also two horizontal test apertures, one of which is an open aperture for testing floor and roof systems and the other has a 140mm thick concrete floor permanently installed and used for impact improvement testing by floor coverings on concrete floors. 

The reverberation room which is in an adjacent building allows for Absorption or Sound Power testing, depending on client requirements.

Rain noise

Our rain noise test facility enables us to understand the noise level rain produces when it lands on a particular roof construction. This is often required in buildings where the occupiers need low internal noise levels to study and concentrate or use video conferencing. It is of particular importance in schools and hospitals.

The way rain noise moves through the different layers of the roof construction is extremely complex. Measuring this in our rain rig means we can quantify it quickly and accurately, which avoids the unnecessary cost of over-designing the roof system.

Ducted attenuator rig

Our ducted attenuator test rig is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory No.0444 for testing to BS EN ISO 7235:2009, the only independent laboratory to hold this accolade.

Using a significantly different approach to earlier test standards, the latest standard now includes a “modal filter” to create a predominantly “plane wave” sound field. This change means that the results obtained under BS EN ISO 7235 can be very different from the old BS 4718 standard, and we have seen attenuators where the differences are greater than 10dB.


Site testing

We can support the construction phase of a client project with on-site inspections, to check the build at an early stage and avoid expensive remedial action later on.

Our remit includes providing pre-completion sound insulation, air leakage and acoustic testing, to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. Our UKAS-accredited testing laboratory No.0444 means we can carry out testing to meet the following standards under UK Building Regulations. Click here to find out more.

Other on-site services that we offer are monitoring for noise, vibration and dust, providing clients with weekly reports to demonstrate compliance with Building Control.

Industry recognition

We are proud to be a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory (No.0444), which is important as Building Control Authorities and Sustainability Assessors prefer to have assessments carried out by companies which hold this accolade. It also enables our clients to minimise their risk, enhance their reputation in the marketplace and save considerable amounts of money.

Our purpose-designed laboratories are accredited for a wide range of UKAS test standards. Click here to find out more.

I just wanted to express our thanks to you and your colleagues for making our experience at SRL a good one. Not only were the tests excellent, but your flexibility and willingness to accommodate our requirements was very much appreciated. I am sure the results we obtained will allow us to further promote our products in the construction industry, driving sales and allowing us to continue to develop new systems to meet ever changing market requirements.

Daniel Pointon, Product & Market Development Manager, Recticel Insulation (UK)

The Bigger Picture

Whether it’s consultancy, research, testing, implementation or monitoring – or a comprehensive project involving all of these – our consultants will always deliver the optimum solutions.

The Bigger Picture

Whether it’s consultancy, research, testing, implementation or monitoring – or a comprehensive project involving all of these – our consultants will always deliver the optimum solutions.

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