Our BREEAM services

Invaluable Support

SRL has worked on many BREEAM assessments for schemes ranging from £500k to £500M. We have developed a proactive approach to being part of the design team which makes BREEAM part of the design and not an afterthought.

Both our assessors and Advisory Professional (AP) provide comprehensive support.

Our BREEAM Assessors

Our assessors work closely with project teams and:

  • help the team complete a pre-assessment.
  • assess evidence provided by the team against the BREEAM criteria.
  • provide a summary of targeted credits and criteria, outstanding evidence and predicted score. This is regularly updated so that the team is aware of progress and actions required.
  • provide letter templates which help to address targeted credits and therefore save the design team time.
  • Submit assessments to BRE once complete.


  • helps you identify cost effective credits to target to achieve the required BREEAM rating.
  • works with the team to find BREEAM-compliant design solutions.
  • helps the team target enough credits to achieve their required score and identify additional credits to target where predicted scores fall short.
  • monitors the overall BREEAM performance of a project.
  • communicates in Plain English to avoid miscommunication.


SRL uses the industry-leading Tracker+ software on all new projects which helps the whole design team manage BREEAM assessments. We want teams we work with to benefit from this so will provide a login so that the team can see the assessment progressing live.


Quality Assurance

Since April 2021, BRE have changed their audit and certification process. They will entirely reject assessment submissions where evidence is poor or where major non-conformances are noted.

In the last year, SRL have received no major non-conformances, with only a few minor non-conformances noted per assessment we submit. Our evidence assessment and QA processes are effective and save projects we work on time and money.

Our BREEAM team members have recently been described as “knowledgeable, proactive, responsive, a pleasure to work with”.

If  you have any questions about the BREEAM process or wish to speak to a member of our BREEAM team, please get in touch with LaurenKate, or Dave. or call  01787 247595 or get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.

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