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Southwark Town Hall

Southwark Town Hall


Camberwell Town Hall was built in 1934, taking over the role of headquarters of the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell and continuing to be the local seat of government when the enlarged London Borough of Southwark was formed in 1965. It then became known as ‘Southwark Town Hall’. After the council moved to Tooley Street in March 2009, the building was sold to a developer.


The retention of large areas of the building facade presented challenges for controlling the break-in of external noise. SRL assessed the existing building fabric to ensure that acceptable internal noise levels could be met in all areas. The location in a residential area also meant that operational noise break-out from the theatre had to be considered so that local residents were not adversely affected.


The former Southwark Town Hall was tastefully and sympathetically restored to provide high end student accommodation, artists studios and a new theatre for Theatre Peckham. SRL led the acoustic design of this complex and challenging scheme including supporting the design team with many bespoke acoustic details such as curtain walling elements and the acoustic design of existing structures.