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Stanley Dock , Liverpool

Stanley Dock , Liverpool


This project was for the construction of a multi-storey car park for the new cruise terminal at Stanley Dock. The site is located on the busy A565 Great Howard Street within an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). The additional exhaust emissions from development-generated traffic, and heavy-goods vehicles (HGVs) during the construction phase, have the potential to lead to unsuitable air quality in the local area. With many sensitive commercial receptors any degradation of air quality could impact the local businesses.


Liverpool City Council required the client to provide evidence that the development would not significantly worsen the air quality in the local area. We created a detailed atmospheric dispersion model to investigate the dispersal of the emissions generated by construction traffic and operational traffic. Careful consideration was given to the impact of construction HGVs due to their high emission levels. When modelling the impact of the traffic, the junction to the north of the site was modelled with high detail in order to assess the effects of queueing, particularly during peak hours. The modelling showed that there would be no significant air quality impact from the construction traffic or the operational traffic.


With the report complete, the traffic consultant then came back with additional traffic data based on a different allocation of car parking spaces within the car park. With this data, extra modelling took place to assess the impact of this new scenario. The modelled results showed that the emissions from this scenario would also have no significant impact on local air quality.

To completely understand the air quality impact of developments in the area, the air quality impacts of both the multi-storey car park and the adjacent Tobacco Warehouse were assessed in combination. This analysis showed that the combined effects of these developments would have no significant impact on air quality.




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