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Status Page

SRL Status

Virus action plan

SRL is open for business and we are committed to delivering all items of work as programmed.

The following measures are in place to enable continued service on all our projects:

  • Our consultants have had the capability to work remotely for many years. We already have a tried and tested system.
  • All SRL staff are fully equipped to work from home where the type of work enables this.
  • We have full remote capability to pay our suppliers and receive payments from our clients.
  • We are following the latest government advice and all staff will be working at home wherever possible from now on until the advice changes.
  • We are maintaining a small presence at our rural head office site to respond to issues needing attendance, unless the requirements change.
  • For tests in our laboratory we are maintaining sufficient qualified test staff on premises. Our rural location reduces the risk of contamination.
  • We encourage lab test samples to be delivered to us for testing to maintain your testing programme.
  • We will keep you involved with lab tests by video conferencing if you wish to be present from a remote location.
  • We can supply local fitters / builders if required.
  • We have procedures in place to avoid close interaction if you do need to attend.
  • Our on-site environmental monitors continue to run and all data processing can be done remotely with no impact to you.
  • For meetings we encourage, and are equipped for, online attendance to meet the government’s request to avoid travel and reduce contact.
  • For maintaining installed instruments, if practical we will remotely advise site staff to do what’s needed.
  • Where site visits are required we will assess the risks of visiting site, including liaison with you to determine the latest updates on your requirements. We will make plans with site staff following guidelines on distancing by avoiding any close contact
  • Naturally our staff will self-isolate according to the latest government advice and no-one will visit who is required to be isolated.
  • All consultants working on the project can access project extranets, email, video conferencing and telephone.

A full Site operating Procedure for the laboratory is available here: SRL Site Procedure C-19

Contacting SRL staff working from home:

  • Our switchboard (01787 247595) will remain open at all times in normal working hours and by calling the switchboard the right member of our team can be reached via their mobiles.
  • If measures become more extreme the switchboard will be diverted to staff on dedicated mobile phones so that we can still answer your call.
  • The consultant may give you their mobile number for direct contact where relevant but we prefer you to use the switchboard so we can make sure you are able to speak to someone.
  • By email as normal
  • By project extranet as normal

By following the guidance we are reducing the risk of illness, but should anyone become ill:

  • They have been instructed to follow the latest guidance and self-isolate.
  • All our projects are known by more than one person so if your main contact is ill then we have back-up qualified staff available to help.

Payments to and from SRL

  • SRL would like to make all our clients aware that we are a SME.
  • During this period we will rely on all our clients to make timely payments to us.
  • Please help us by paying your invoices promptly as we are committed to paying our suppliers in full and on time.
  • If you need to discuss invoices and payments with our accounts department, please get in touch with our switchboard on 01787 247595 or your normal project contacts.