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Three Mills West

Three Mills West


Located on a busy High Street, the building is a 26-storey student accommodation tower block incorporating 445 individual bedrooms along with kitchens, common areas and a cafe.

SRL were involved with the scheme from planning all the way to the construction stage.



Located on a busy High Street meant that the building was subject to high external noise levels. We worked with the design team to come up with a facade design so that the indoor noise levels within the rooms were within the design criteria.

The use of curtain wall on this project meant that there was a real challenge in designing the sound insulation of the separating walls and floors.



Using out vast knowledge in building acoustics, we managed to work with the design team to improve the design of the flanking elements. This meant that the sound insulation performance of the separating walls and floors were not limited by the external envelope of the building.

SRL’s consultants also did site inspections and provided design support during the construction stage.