Our team of consultants work alongside you to deliver a range of services but we can also help you and your organisation gain a more in-depth understanding of some key areas. Take a look at our range of training courses to find out how we can assist.


We have developed a range of training courses to help you understand the fundamentals of acoustics – whether you are an architect looking for a better appreciation of room acoustics and sound insulation, or a supplier wanting to promote the acoustic benefits of your products.

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Achieving BREEAM credits can be a laborious business but by enrolling on one of our half-day workshops, you and your design team can learn how to select the best credits for your scheme and work towards achieving them.

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Air Quality

If you would like to know more about the impacts of air quality issues, the assessment processes, and how to mitigate against issues effectively and efficiently, our CPD sessions can help.

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Training videos

We offer a training video on ‘Understanding Structure Borne Noise’ for which we were awarded the John Connell STEM Award in 2019.

This video is aimed at non-technical audiences, inspiring young people to consider acoustics as a STEM career and encouraging the acoustics community to get more involved in delivering STEM activities.

Using simple props and Lego people to highlight how those in the community could be annoyed by irritating noises and how these 
disturbances can be addressed, the video demonstrates how bigger mechanical noise problems in the real world can be mitigated in a similar way.

A subsequent production entitled ‘Exploring Tranquillity’ won us runner-up in the John Connell STEM Awards in 2021. The video explores the concept of tranquillity and soundscapes, and the relationship between measured noise levels and how tranquil or engaging a place can feel.

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