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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring


We were employed to monitor vibration levels at multiple client developments, in and around the Midlands. These were part of flood alleviation schemes and river defence projects.


The developments were located next to residential premises or structurally sensitive receptors which were identified as being an ongoing concern while high impact works are taking place. The client also had an objective of being receptive and supportive with client relations.


During the construction phase of these flood alleviation schemes and river defence projects, a proactive approach was taken to minimise and monitor the potential vibration impact on surrounding sensitive receivers.

An email & text alert system to a site based mobile phone was implemented, to alert staff if any of the agreed trigger level criteria were being exceeded. This allowed our client to react immediately to mitigate any disturbance.

We provided vibration monitors for each project with a varied scope dependent on each individual project requirement. We fully managed the installation, maintenance, and weekly reporting on captured vibration levels for each monitor. All units were fully accessible remotely, allowing data to be transmitted seamlessly to relevant stakeholders and SRL’s secure portal. All issued reports were written in a format that could be handed directly to the Local Authority if required.





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